I am Amanda Kay, I am going by Kay for my blog because it has a special meaning to me. I got my middle name because it is my Omee’s middle name (grandma). I go to college at A&M Galveston and am studying maritime administration, which is a specialized business degree. I transferred into my school from Houston Community College or HCC for short. I started to learn how stressful school could be when I went to HCC and have struggled to maintain it at a low-level ever since.

I have made this blog to help other’s understand that it is okay to be stressed because it’s apart of life and it is actually healthy for our bodies. I am also here to help some realize that things that happen in life aren’t just spontaneous but its the way the world just tests to see how you will handle it.  I have learned many ways to cope with stress and the best thing that helps me handle it is going with the flow.

I hope this blog helps many people in their lives deal with their stress and learn that they aren’t the only one’s who go through an enormous amount of stress in their lives. I hope it also helps people learn that going with the flow when something spontaneous happens is the best thing that you could do for your body. I really hope it helps in the long run, and I will always try to post something once a week of course mostly on weekends because I am currently taking summer classes and then will start taking my fall semester class. When I am not so busy then I will have more time to write and post things. I will always try to reply to comments and never feel afraid to contact me if y’all need help dealing with something that is really stressing you out.