Relaxing when it Counts

Relaxing is an important part of life and should be done on a regular basis.

I have always been either way too relaxed or way too stressed out, but when I find the perfect way to be in between I do my best. I enjoy my rest and relaxation and it’s not an easy thing to come by when you are a college student at all. I am constantly being told by the person who is closest to me that when I get bad news I need to relax and yes, he is right.

I don’t ever relax enough and sometimes I become so relaxed I’m lazy. I don’t enjoy slowing down to relax but when I need to relax I try to relax at my best. I can just walk to the boat docks on campus, walk to the beach, or if I really need it I will go for a run or a really long walk it just always depends on how much I need to relax.

In busy times it is hard for anyone to relax especially parents because they don’t get any time to themselves, but when they do it seems that they still don’t want to relax at all. All parents want to do is to catch up on things that they are behind on and that’s it. When it comes down to it we as humans have really busy lives and very stressful lives, so how are we supposed to relax?

The answer to that question is a hard one to find because it depends on what we as people are doing during the day and what exactly is going on in our lives exactly. Some say that when they go to church that it is their time to relax, but for some people, it can be something else. For me, church has never been a peaceful place for me. It has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with how I feel the most comfortable.

Relaxation is at it’s best when we as the person who needs to relax finds the time and the best way to relax at the right time, instead of putting it off time after time.


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