The major importance of support

I haven’t always had a lot of support in my life and so when I get it I value it more than most things. I get support from professors, friends I have made here at school, my friends back home in Houston and my family.

I spend most of my time supporting myself but have never gotten much support from other unless I give them support first, occasionally I do get a few people who support me no matter what happens or what is happening in their lives. I have never taken the support I get from the people around me for granted at any point in my life because it is so rare.

Since I am down on myself a lot when I do bad on tests, and have bad anxiety and am really emotional on a daily basis then it really helps me to have support and I’m sure it is like that for others too. One of the best things that I have had happen is the one I love more than anything supports me the same way I support him and it makes me smile every time and feel much better about myself. I am down on myself which doesn’t make it easy for me to accept the support from others I get including my own family.

I have had my grandparents each tell me that they are proud of me and it makes me work that much harder to make sure that they stay proud of me. No matter what happens in my life or how bad I feel then I was always giving people support when they needed it, even if I felt bad about myself.

I suggest finding those who support you the same way you support them and don’t take anything for granted at all. Just enjoy life and do things that you love to do and don’t worry about anyone else.


One thought on “The major importance of support”

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