Work and Stress

On a daily basis, I see and hear from my friends and family how their work is going. The hardest part of working in the world and having stress is knowing how to deal with it. The thing I see with my family is how much work there is to do and the stress involved. I grew up with my dad owning his own business and being around it as a child really impacted me, even knowing the stress that is involved with it. I have seen my dad and my grandparents who own their own businesses get stressed out so much that when a small problem at home happens then their stress level increases even more.

I watched my dad work with lawyers and have to work all night then not go to sleep till seven in the morning at times. The problem with the stress is that it’s the hardest thing to control when I feel stressed I try to calm myself down and have to walk away from it but, when I see my dad get stressed he doesn’t get to walk away from it for an hour he gets a few minutes to take us out to eat as a family. The stress I see in my friends when they work just depends on what they are doing. It also depends on the hours that they are working.

Normally the shorter the hours the more stressed people are because they are worried about paying bills and getting food, but those who work long hours are stressed even more and don’t worry about paying bills or food they mostly worry about taking care of their families and then only worry about keeping their jobs. It sucks watching the people I care about getting stressed out about things that shouldn’t be super stressful. Yes, I don’t work, but I know how to deal with stress because my work is to listen to people when they need it and then I have a job that is to work on my school work so I make good grades.

It is a somewhat old school I know but, it works for some people and that’s what is important. I understand that work is stressful but, is it stressful if you actually enjoy the work that you do? It’s a good question to ask yourself and maybe to find out for yourself. I know my dad and his family own their own businesses because they don’t like working for a boss who pays them, they would rather do it for themselves and have their own clients. It all has to do with what you enjoy and if you don’t enjoy the work that you do then you aren’t going to be happy.

I always ask myself when I see my friends and family being stressed out by work is this, “Is money really so important that you would risk your own happiness by doing something you don’t enjoy at all?” Most of the time the answer is yes, that is till people start working even longer hours and harder than they did ever before. The other question I ask myself is “What would I do for work that would make me a good amount of money to be able to live off of and make me happy with my life?” I always think about it and then I really started thinking about it when I got on academic probation and I found out by knowing that I enjoy being a part of a business and when I did have a job I didn’t enjoy working for people who had me working odd hours.

The most important part of life is to make sure you are happy and healthy and stress can be healthy but not if it’s a negative stress. I have learned all of this by watching a Ted Talk that my kinesiology professor showed me and it was really helpful. It is called “How to make Stress your Friend”. I highly recommend it.

How to make stress your friend


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